Industrial house-type tents

Tents for storage: raw and finished materials, construction materials, machinery, equipments.


Semicircular 6x9m - DISCONTS

The following cemicircular tents are currently promotional.


Semicircular tents

Semicircular industrial tents are very stable and resistant, as the static structure proves.


Animal tents

Solutions for light or classic warehouses, halls, offices or zoo-technical covers for animal husbandry.


Event tents

Event tents for weddings, parties, fairs or festivals. We sell 3 models of tents for events.


Our services

Our company sells 5 types of tents having metallic galvanized steel frames covered with a PVC canvas with textile-insertions. From a constructive, functional and aesthetic point of view these can be fully tailored to your needs.  

Semicircular tents

We sell professional semi-circular tents.

We sell professional semi-circular tents for storage or for industrial purposes with warranty and...

Industrial house-type tents

We sell professional, industrial, house-type tents.

We sell professional, industrial, house-type tents (with straight walls) for agriculture, storage...

Garage tents

Professional garage-type tents for protecting vehicles.

Professional garage-type tents for protecting vehicles, boats, motorcycles, bicycles or gardening...

Event tents

Event tents of different qualities and sizes in order to satisfy any need.

Event tents of different qualities and sizes in order to satisfy any need.
Event tents for...

Animal tents

Solutions for light or classic warehouses, halls, offices or livestock.

These tents provide effective protection for animals throughout the year against sun, wind, rain ...

This tent is ideal for setting up spring cult...

Container tents

The structure is made of transversal frames.

The structure is made of firm, transversal frames consisting of truss-braced wings (pillars and r...

About us

Industrial tents are made of a metal structure covered with a resistant canvas made of a PVC-impregnated fabric so as to form a large space in which different objects can be stored, a showroom can be created or in which people can work. These can be placed on different types of grounds and there is no need for special preparation of the surface on which they are going to be placed. It is easy to create a special tent floor or it can be easily fixed to a concrete platform. Industrial tents are also very easy to maintain, these have a glossy surface that is extremely easy to wash, simply using some water. 

This type of building, otherwise known as tent, can be used for many purposes, such as event tents, industrial halls, storage tents, sports grounds, garages, commercial tents, exhibition tents, animal tents etc.  

Upon request we offer installation and repair throughout the country. 


Tents are time-saving. Our installation team having wide experience in this field can put up your tent in just a few days. When you urgently need a space, this is the ideal solution because there are only a few days between the order and the reception.  

The tents can be moved whenever you need. The structures are designed to be 100% demountable and re-mountable.

In case of temporary placement, tents can be installed on the pavement, on the ground or on a simple concrete or asphalt platform, so in this case there is no need for an expensive foundation. The dynamic and flexible structure of the tents allows safe usage even without a foundation.

Even if there is a defect in the membrane (for example, it breaks because of an accident), it can be repaired as soon as possible by welding the broken part.  


Due to the ingenious design of these structures, the tents do not have internal pillars that obstruct the internal space.

Videos about the installation


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